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Our High Performance Staff


Hesham Mansour


About Hesham

Hesham has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. Aside from his development of serviced offices (SO), his success also includes ecommerce, real estate investment and development throughout the world. Our founder has 16 years of SO experience in many countries. Prior to the operation of our serviced offices (SO) Hesham searched and waited over 4 years to hand pick the high-performance people that form the core of our company. Hesham is in fact a Geologist with post-graduate degrees in both Geology and Business/IT.

Hesham’s business success relied heavily on support from SO, his own insights into customer requirements and the vision of his management team form the foundation of our business principles. Hesham started business life in 2000 with working capital under MYR1,800, today his business interests span the globe and are highly valued. Hesham basically does not sleep due to his love of the business life although his other passions do include extensive reading, running, music, skiing (USA) and he has grown to enjoy his many business travels each month.

USO Regional Manager, Labuan Based


Imelda Thadeus

Imelda is the Regional Manager in Labuan. Imelda is rich with management experience in serviced offices in Labuan and Kota Kinabalu. She also has over 15 years experience in the local hospitality industry and excels in the delivery of excellent customer service. Her regular managerial promotions at her last Serviced office role are testament to her high level of customer service and her own personal pursuit of excellence. 

Imelda is a great listener and has her own suave style, always with a smile. The founder was a client of Imelda’s for many years, he has first-hand experience with Imelda’s ability to always meet deadlines, provide proactive service, display great organizational skills, impeccable presentation and a smile that made her essential to our serviced office. Imelda is also passionate about music, including singing and she also loves socializing and eating out with friends.

USO Manager, Bangsar South


Samir Zulkifli

Samir is the USO Manager at our stunning Bangsar South facility.  Samir has many years of coworking experience with a strong foundation in the Kuala Lumpur hospitality industry at a Managerial level.  He has a strong customer focus and is attentive to every detail.  Samir maintains an efficient operation and is an integral part of our plans to continue to expand in Kuala Lumpur.  Samir has an academic background in Education, he also enjoys hiking, exploring waterfalls, food hunting, travelling, extensive reading, running, music and quality time with family

Customer Service Specialist, Labuan Based


Iffah Dilaney M.

Iffah is our Customer Service Specialist in Labuan.  Iffah is truly a local and is a natural in her current role.  Her enthusiasm to ensure complete client satisfaction and her appetite to take on new tasks and greater responsibilities is a real bonus for our expanding Labuan operations. 

Iffah’s background lays a great foundation for her current role, she is experienced in customer support, administration, market analysis and she has also worked with the local media.  When Iffah has spare time she enjoys hiking, travelling, spin cycling, going out with friends/food hunting, baking and watching movies.

USO Sales & Customer Service Specialist, Labuan


Juliet Deosing

Juliet was originally employed temporarily to cover for a staff member on maternity leave. Juliet’s work was so impressive that we decided to secure her serviced promptly. She has become very popular with our clients due to her approachability and willingness to assist in any way she can. Juliet has a background in customer service and administration. Her background is dominated by investment banking with stints in hospitality and retail.  In her spare time she has a passion for reading and outdoor activities including hiking.

USO Sales & Customer Service Executive, Bangsar South


Stephanie Joan

Stephanie brings a professional approach with an extensive background in customer and client relations. She has many years of serviced office experience with customers in Australia and New Zealand. In addition to serviced offices, Stephanie also has experience in publication, telecommunications and air travel programs. Her combined customer serviced based experience is a great foundation for her current role. In her spare time Stephanie enjoys reading, hiking and road trips.

Our Accountant


Clarencena Kadius

Accounting Clerk

Clarencena or “Clay” is an outstanding Accounting Clerk, she is in charge of all our corporate and operational Accounting duties and procedures.  Clay is detail orientated and great with numbers, she has over 8 years of Accounting and Finance experience.  Clay also enjoys going out with friends and brings a cheerful, upbeat approach to work every day.

Customer Service & Social Media Coordinator


Edrie Georgiena

Edrie is our Customer Service & Social Media Coordinator in Labuan.  Like all our staff, Edrie ensures that our valued clients obtain the best possible value at all our locations in Labuan.  Edrie is also charged with utilizing our social media platforms to create a greater awareness of our facilities and the many services that can benefit the business community. 

Edrie is a local who brings a strong work ethic.  She has an Educational background in Electrical Engineering with outstanding achievements throughout her entire Academic background, she is truly a high achiever.  Edrie also enjoys working out, outdoor running, hiking, food hunting and quiet time watching sunrises/sunsests.

USO Accounts Executive, Bangsar South Based


Sheryl Adam

Sheryl is in charge of all aspects of Accounting across all business units. Her attention to detail, accuracy and knowledge of applicable regulations make her a valuable team member. Sheryl’s professional background is entirely dedicated to bookkeeping and Accounting, her depth of knowledge is a great benefit to our organization. She is well liked by all staff members and enjoys going out with friends and cooking in her spare time.

Customer Service Associate, Labuan based


Frydoreen (Doreen) Masmin

Doreen is our Customer Service Associate in Labuan. Doreen’s capability is clearly demonstrated with a strong technical educational background in the challenging field of Electronic Engineering. Her analytical skills and attention to detail is a real bonus. As a local, Doreen’s friendly, approachable nature combined with her local knowledge and an understanding of local business requirements are an asset for USO and our valued clients.

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