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Food Baskets for Labuan


5th August, 2021

We are proud to announced that commencing immediately we will be starting a charity drive with the Mutiara Labuan Charity to assist our neighbours in Labuan.  The donations will be made to families who have suffered a loss or a significant reduction in their income through a lay-off or a loss or disablement of a family member.  Mutiara Labuan Charity is a Labuan based Charity that has been assisting the most vulnerable people in Labuan including children to senior citizens via donations and volunteer work, visit them here

For those of us who have come out of the events over the last few months and are still able to essentially maintain the same standard of living, there are many around us who have not and are suffering significantly, please help.  The money we raise will be used to purchase food baskets that contain essential foods stuffs that will last weeks to months, each food basket is approximately MYR80-100.


Universal Serviced Offices will double the amount raised by our clients and associates to a maximum of MYR15,000.  How much should you give ???  Till it hurts, that was the advice I heard at a conference I attended 14 years ago in Los Angeles.  If giving MYR50 or MYR200 is relatively insignificant to you but MYR500 makes you a little uneasy then give MYR500, the shear joy of giving to your neighbours in need will eclipse any feeling of financial loss, DON’T THINK ABOUT IT, JUST DO IT, DONATE.


Universal Serviced Offices staff are taking one paid day off each month to volunteer for Mutiara Labuan Charity.  Why don’t you join us and introduce this program into your own business, suggest it to your Manager or if you are a Manager, contact us and we can tell you all about it.


Donating is easy, pay the charity directly, details below, alert Imelda at imelda.thadeus@universalservicedoffices.com.my once payment is made so we can monitor the donations and to calculate our own contribution.  100% of the contributions will be allocated to the purchase of the food baskets. You are encouraged to donate continually to this charity although the closing date to tally the amount raised to calculate our own contribution is 5 pm 20/8/21.

Account for donations
Account name: Pertubuhan Kebajikan Warga Labuan (Mutiara Labuan)
Bank: RHB
Account number: 21501400038343

Individuals or companies that donate MYR500 or above will be featured as a major contributor on our website and that of Mutiara Labuan Charity.

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