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Universal Serviced Offices is committed to being a significant charitable contributor in both Kuala Lumpur and Labuan, both standalone and in collaboration. Β We also seek contributions from our valued clients and associates. In addition, we have implemented a staff volunteer program. All of our staff are given a paid day of leave each month to volunteer for local charities. Β We encourage all of our clients and associates to consider similar volunteer work.

Please make donations to the bank account below, please alert us when you have completed the transaction.

Account for donations

Account name: Pertubuhan Kebajikan Warga Labuan (Mutiara Labuan)

Bank: RHB

Account number: 21501400038343



Below is a display of our exceptional clients who have made a significant contribution to our charity.


Press event at Labuan facility 7th Septamber, 2021. Images and description with follow shortly after the event.
Ms. Stephanie from USO handed over a cheque for πŒπ˜π‘πŸπŸ‘,𝟎𝟎𝟎 to the president of Mutiara Labuan Charity Mr. Andy following the successful charity drive.
Ms. Aina from USO handing the certificate to Mr. Alvin Chen representing C Global Trade & Investment Inc.
Mr. Andy, President of Mutiara Labuan Charity handing certificate to Ms. Stephanie, representing USO.
USO will commit each of it’s staff members to one day of paid leave each month. This day will be used to volunteer for the Mutiara Labuan Charity.
Media Team from Bernama, Wilayahku, Malaysia Aktif and RTM.
CEO & Founder of USO Mr. Hesham &, Regional Manager Mrs. Imelda witnessing the cheque handover ceremony virtually via ZOOM.
Ms. Stephanie from USO handing the certificate to Mr. Alvin, Director of Dingerco Business Solutions.
Ms. Stephanie from USO handing the certificate to Mrs. Farazura representing Victoria International Petroleum Corp.
Mr. Andy, President of Mutiara Labuan Charity giving his speech.
Food baskets for the less fortunate in Labuan, RM100 worth of food items per basket.
CEO & Founder of USO Mr. Hesham Mansour giving his press statement via zoom.

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