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Following 16 years of involvement with numerous serviced offices (SO) across the globe, I identified a need that was not been fulfilled for most SO guests.  It was my own love of this industry but a high level of dissatisfaction with SO companies that motivated me to proceed with our own unique SO company.  We provide outstanding service in an ethical and a completely transparent environment.

Universal Serviced Offices & Management Limited is incorporated under the Lubuan Companies Act 1990 and is wholly owned by Universal Serviced Offices

Hesham Mansour, CEO & Founder

I had grown increasingly disappointed with the majority of SO companies. My point of contention included the unethical billing practices and inconsistent staff support. I found SO companies:

I handpicked Imelda to manage our Labuan branch due to her outstanding history in serviced office (SO) management in Labuan and Kota Kinabalu. Benefit from Imelda’s 20 year history of customer service excellence, she is here to serve you.

Our High Performance Staff


Hesham Mansour

CEO and Founder

About Hesham

Hesham has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. Aside from his development of serviced offices (SO), his success also includes ecommerce, real estate investment and development throughout the world. Our founder has 16 years of SO experience in many countries. Prior to the operation of our serviced offices (SO) Hesham searched and waited over 4 years to hand pick the high-performance people that form the core of our company. Hesham is in fact a Geologist with post-graduate degrees in both Geology and Business/IT.

Hesham’s business success relied heavily on support from SO, his own insights into customer requirements and the vision of his management team form the foundation of our business principles. Hesham started business life in 2000 with working capital under MYR1,800, today his business interests span the globe and are highly valued. Hesham basically does not sleep due to his love of the business life although his other passions do include extensive ready, running, music, skiing (USA) and he has grown to enjoy his many business travels each month.

Our Manager at Labuan


Imelda Thadeus

Regional Manager

Imelda is the Regional Manager in Labuan. Imelda is rich with management experience in serviced offices in Labuan and Kota Kinabalu. She also has over 15 years experience in the local hospitality industry and excels in the delivery of excellent customer service. Her regular managerial promotions at her last Serviced office role are testament to her high level of customer service and her own personal pursuit of excellence. 

Imelda is a great listener and has her own suave style, always with a smile. The founder was a client of Imelda’s for many years, he has first-hand experience with Imelda’s ability to always meet deadlines, provide proactive service, display great organizational skills, impeccable presentation and a smile that made her essential to our serviced office. Imelda is also passionate about music, including singing and she also loves socializing and eating out with friends.

Our Digital Marketing Strategist


Stephanie Raphael


Stephanie is a popular member of our team and is loved by everyone. Stephanie is a natural in her role as our Digital Marketing Strategist and is the backbone of our online presence. Her strengths lay in her analytic ability and in the immaculate presentation of her work. Stephanie has a degree in Education and a background in digital marketing, research and accounts/bookkeeping. Stephanie is also heavily involved in crossfit training and when she has time, she also enjoys cooking.

Our Accountant


Clarencena Kadius

Accounting Clerk

Clarencena or “Clay” is an outstanding Accounting Clerk, she is in charge of all our corporate and operational Accounting duties and procedures.  Clay is detail orientated and great with numbers, she has over 8 years of Accounting and Finance experience.  Clay also enjoys going out with friends and brings a cheerful, upbeat approach to work every day.

Our Customer Care Specialist


Mae Mohammadsan

Mae brings both a cheerful and a professional approach to her work. Although Mae is the youngest member of our family she brings varied experience that compliments her responsibilities here very well. Her experience includes hospitality, administration and accounts. Mae also has experience in our industry which enabled her to basically hit the ground running when she joined us although we did make a number of adjustments to enable her to do things the “USO way” ie. customers first and value. She continues to be an invaluable member of our family and a driver of our rapid growth as we continue to expand. Some of Mae’s many interests include singing, dancing, netball, handball, futsal & cooking.

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