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Administration and Secretarial

Our staff is here for you and you only.  Use our staff as your very own Personal Assistant from time to time or full time, whatever you wish. Our highly experienced, hand picked staff undergo additional inhouse and external training to ensure they are at the top of their profession.  Focus on what is important to your business and let our staff take care of any of your secretarial and administrative requirements.  We support individuals, entrepreneurs, small to large multi-national corporations and government bodies.  Our rates may surprise you.

How our Administration and Secretarial services benefits your business operation:


Use your time to grow and manage your business, leave the repetitive and procedural tasks to us. Don’t try to be all things, your time is limited. Utilize our administration and secretarial services so you focus your talents where it counts, not shuffling paper, backend work or data entry and so forth, leave that work to our professional staff.


Improve your profitability by using our professional staff as needed. No monthly salary, EPF, SOCSO, medical, annual leave or other fringe benefits. You do not even need to pay for additional workspace. We work expeditiously for you whilst utilizing our own fully equipped workspace to complete your work on time, every time.


Our comprehensive in-house training program guarantees that each of our staff members will complete all of your administration and secretarial duties to the highest standard in a timely manner. Our goal is simple, to add value to your organization and to reduce your overall costs. You can also rest assured that all information and data is handled in the strictest confidence.


Leave everything HR to us, you just focus on what is important. By utilizing our professional staff your HR and staffing worries disappear. No headaches associated with high staff turnover, absenteeism, low productivity, inefficient staff and cost redundancy. We take all these concerns away for you.


If you want to spend more time with loved ones in the evening and/or weekends or for those workaholics who want to spend all day and night actually growing your organization and not on the repetitive, menial and tedious tasks, we are here for you. Our professional staff will free you up so you can FOCUS. Chat with Imelda to find out exactly how we will save you time.



Strategic Location

We only choose strategically significant locations with easy access to essential facilities, services and transportation. Our Bangsar South and Labuan locations fit the bill perfectly, everything is at your feet. Everything from restaurants, cafes, banks, grocery stores, LRT/transportation and more.

Business Lounge

As a client of Universal Serviced Offices you are entitled to use our exquisite business lounge for your leisure. Take a break from the grind or use our lounge for informal business discussions. You are most welcome to bring up to 2 guests for a casual chat over a cup of coffee or tea whilst catching up the latest news. The business lounge allows you to enjoy hot and cold beverages along with magazines, newspapers and a TV with the latest financial news.

Meeting Facilities

Our contemporary and attractive meeting rooms are fully equipped to accommodate all your business needs. Use these rooms as you wish for interviews, formal discussions or brain-storming sessions. The meeting rooms are there for your convenience.

Customisable Packages

We have flexible, easy to understand packages tailored to your specific business needs. See our Plans & pricing or pick up the phone and simply call us and let us know what you need.

Unmatched Customer Experience

Our goal is to treat you like royalty and to do everything we can to help you grow and manage your organization. Our Professional and dedicated in-house support team are here for you.


Take a break, spend a little time working, make connections or chat with friends in a more relaxed environment at our contemporary café/pantry. Enjoy any of our many beverages and snacks.

Full Service High Tech Office

Fully equipped and ready to meet all of your technological requirements. Our Plans & Prices will display your many options for your serviced office.

High Speed Internet Access

We offer high speed internet. If you prefer your very own dedicated line at a reasonable cost, we have you covered, just ask us.

Easy and Flexible Payment Scheme

Cost effective business solutions for you. We have payment plans to suit almost every budget.

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